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Welcome to Knowlla!

Knowlla brings you a new, more accessible way of consuming books and learn wherever you are and anytime you want.
All bestselling business books on the market, handpicked and summarized into 10-minutes animated videos that
comprize the main ideas and insights out of them. Learning becomes much faster, effective and interesting!

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    Start learning from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Learn everywhere and anytime: while drinking your morning coffee or in the bus on your way to work. Wherever you go, Knowlla comes with you!
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    Studies show that people comprehend much more information and for longer time if they learn visually. We reatain 80% of the information we see, and only 20% of what we actually read. Leaning visually is smart!
  • Save your time
    Instead of spending days and weeks on reading a book, you can learn the main insights, ideas and tips out of the best business books in less than 10 minutes each. Learn fast and save time for practice!
  • Save your eyes
    Our interactive and colourful video summaries will offer you the most pleasant experience of the learning process. Say "good bye!" to headaches and eyes concentration problems!
  • Insights only
    Get only the insights and best advices out of the books you read. Our short videos will give you all the needed knowledge to master any subject you are interested in and start putting it in your practice.
  • Bestsellers only
    Get your hands only on the best business summaries you can read. Knowlla will provide you bestselling authors, the best professional books and worldwide appreciated guru insights.
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“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

by Stephen R. Covey

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

by Stephen R. Covey
  • 1

    Highly effective people take the initiative. They are PROACTIVE!...

  • 2

    Effective people focus on GOALS. It’s about knowing what you have and where you’re going!...

  • 3

    Never let your most important priorities goals victim to the least important. Effective people set PRIORITIES...

Our Collection

Start learning with our collection of over 150+ summarized video-books about sales, marketing leadership and self development. Each month new 20 books will await you, so you’ll never run out of learning material.

  • Business

    Grow your professional success by learning some practical insights from the most effective and popular business books.

    Learn how to make the right choices in a business situation, get 100% working techniques and form a highly effective business mindset.

  • Entrepreneurship

    These books summaries will teach you new skills to understand what risks you should take while launching your business and how to avoid fails.

    Learn strategies that will help you pursue large markets and growth-hack your business to succeed.

  • Marketing

    Start creating market strategies that aim for great results!

    Learn the art of advertising your service or product, how to surpass competition and get your share of the market.

    Best marketing books summaries at your disposal! Marketing knowledge compressed in 10-minutes videos!

  • Sales

    Get new ideas, learn new methods, and start building effective strategies to close deals and triple your current sales rate.

    Find out what the best sales leaders do to achieve success and start implementing their techniques in your work today.

    Get access to best sales books transformed into insightful videos!

  • Self development

    Learn how to become more productive, deal with stressful situations and make only right choices.

    Find out how to influence and cooperate with them in order to achieve business and personal success.

    Start reading now the best book summaries on self-development!

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Create and manage your own books summaries playlists where you can set up a learning schedule, sort summaries by importance or interest. Manage the way you are learning.

Quick tests

Each book summary has a small test which allows you to find out how well was the book assimilated and put in practice your fresh-gained knowledge.

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If you want to get deeper into the topic of a summarised video you watched on Knowlla, you can buy that book directly from our website.

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Create a wish list with all the books you would like to get summarised or which you think would be of great use for everybody else on Knowlla.

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Never miss a thing with your personal notepad on Knowlla. While watching a book summary you can put down ideas or tips and save them in your Evernote account.

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It’s like watching a TV-Show, only that this time it doesn’t feel like a waste of time. I really love the way all that business literature was made accessible for everyone willing to learn but having only few insights about this or that specific topic.
knowlla testimonial
Knowlla is a must-must and a huge boost to online learning. There’s a lot of clutter on the internet and having an access to the most important and useful information out there is highly demanded and important. I enjoy watching these sales book summaries!
knowlla testimonial
I’m just a self-starter and a heavy learner. I try to absorb every piece of relevant information I can get to and use it for my own business. And when I stumble upon a website like Knowlla with great professional resources, be sure I’m not going to pass by. So, I became also a Knolla heavy user :) Love their summaries!
knowlla testimonial
It usually takes me weeks or months to read business books and it’s very hard to keep along all the new tendencies and practices in this field. But with Knowlla it became really simple, fast and effective. Imagine a business book infographic and you’ll understand what Knowlla is.
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